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Question from MichealJuly3,2010,9:00pm
Question: can yu import yur dogs to the UK

Answer: Micheal, I believe Pit Bulls, are ban in the U K.

Question from Taryn From NYCJune25,2010,1:56pm
Question: i have a two month old puppy i was that was about to be abandoned so i bought her home with me someone told me that she was a red nose pit but looking at your site i dont realy know, was wondering if theres any way i can send you a pix of her. she seems to have to much white on her to be a red nose

Answer: Send me a picture of her and I will do the best I can.

Question from RebecaJune25,2010,3:46am
Question: How nessisary is it for pit bull puppies to get their ears docked? i have been considering getting a pit bull but my parents strongly dislike the idea of having an aggressive dog eventhough i explained the difference between aggresive and protective.

Answer: Pits are hardly aggressive, but any dog can be made to be mean. Ears cropped is a personal choice.

Question from quaneMay14,2010,8:34am
Question: is it bad

Answer: Is what bad?

Question from Shane RamkissoonMay13,2010,11:54am
Question: what is the best food to give your pitbull to get it to have a big size?

Answer: We feed Black Gold, dog food. Look for a local dealer for your area by going to their web site.

Question from MelissaMay3,2010,4:35pm
Question: We want a red pit bull puppy and are trying to purchase one. Your dogs are amazing. We have a male Shizu and I wonder should I get a female puppy or would a male be ok since our other dog is neutered. I want them to get along. Do you have any for sale?

Answer: I find males will get along better with little dogs better than females, most times, as long as there are not any females around. Pits, get along with other dogs especially ones they are raised with.

Question from DominiqueApril25,2010,5:02pm
Question: My pitbull has a brindle coat and a rednose is he considered a rednose pit?

Answer: Well an Old Family Red Nose, the old stock, will most likely be red, because of the recessive gene. But brindle colored Pits, are very popular.

Question from James HillyerApril13,2010,7:59pm
Question: I have a red nose,I was told he is pure bread but the males owner was serving time on a DWI.I lost contact with the breader,how can I find out if he is a pure bread? he looks pure bread,I would like to stud him out.But i need to uptain paper,can I have blood work done to find out if he is indeed a

Answer: What did the blood work say. You can take the blood work to a ADBA show and find a judge that has knowledge of how to apply for your dogs papers. Get on-line and go to the ADBA.com web site and ask how you can get papers for your dog.

Question from kathy richardsonApril7,2010,5:00pm
Question: I just got a pitbull puppy and she has been awesome!!! I was just wondering though will she grow up to be mean with my other two dogs? Everyone is telling me she is going to go after my female dog. Please talk to me. Thank you so much!!

Answer: If you raise a pit bull up with others dogs they will do fine. I recommend you socialize her with as many good dogs as you can. Females of all breeds fight.

Question from KristiMarch29,2010,11:24am
Question: Hi, my question is... how does your Rescue work? Can anyone surrender there pitts to you? Do they have to be your breeds? The reason i ask, i had a couple drop there dog off at my work and haul a** leaving me with a breed i know nothing about, and my apartment complex has banned the breed from the

Answer: Hi Kristi, send me a picture and some info on the dog you have and I will post it on my web site, to see if any one is interested in adopting the dog. I hope this helps.

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