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Question from NickMarch27,2010,12:05am
Question: Hi guys my name is Nick im from Australia .. i just loved ur website and your dogs. I love pitbulls expecialy red nose pitbulls, unfortunatley they are banned in my country :(. But american staffs are not so thers a loop hole and thers pitbulls around.. I have a 3 month old amm staff cross pitbull

Answer: It is sad when they ban the pit bulls from an area, I know they think this is their only recourse but their are a lot of responsible pit bull lovers that raise good dogs.

Question from TedMarch12,2010,4:23pm
Question: hey... i was wondering how can you tell if a pit is full blood?

Answer: Hi Ted, you can get a DNA test done.

Question from alexisMarch10,2010,1:31pm
Question: how are they

Answer: Fine!

Question from malikMarch6,2010,7:35pm
Question: Hi, very nice dogs you've got..and I would like ask about the OFRN breed that you are planning is it going to be in 2010 or 2011 and do you have an idea of what prices they will be? and when will you be accepting deposits for that breed???one more thing please how far can the pedigrees of that bree

Answer: Hello Malilk, we plan on breeding Sadie and Samson this June 2010. Sadie, did not take in her last breeding. We sell our pups for $1,000.00 and we are accepting deposits now. We can trace Sadie's bloodlines back to 1841, if that is what you are asking. Thank you, for your interest in our dogs.

Question from Chris LackowitzMarch5,2010,7:19am
Question: My female pitbull begins licking and shaking excessivly whenever she see reflection on the wall or ceiling. Also if anything shiny reflects light. She was rescued by us. We beleive this behavior had something to do with "training to fight". Is this a possibility? Please let me know.
Chris Lackowit

Answer: NO, it has nothing to do with fighting. Samson, use to do it. Any time he saw light reflecting he would start licking and drool and if the reflection moved he chased it. All breeds can get this obbession, to light, but you need to distract them when they do it, because it may seem funny, sometimes, but the condition can worsen. Just get her attention back on you and play with her, tell her no, when she continues to chase the light and then just try to remove the light she is chasing or remove her so she can't see it. Chris, thank you, for rescuing her, I applaud you, for loving her. Thank you.

Question from Sydney NoelMarch3,2010,9:42am
Question: I have what I believe to be a Red Nose, however he has blue eyes, with a small spot of brown in the top of his left eye. Could this just be a recessive trait or is he most likely not a real red? I Love your dogs, they are beautiful! I would really hope to one day purchase a puppy from you. Thank yo

Answer: Hi Sydney, well did you know Blues can throw red noses. If you breed a Blue to a Fawn, they might produce some red nose offspring. Just because a dog has a red nose doesn't mean they are an OFRN. But they are still beautiful aren't they? A true Old Family Red Nose has red toe nails and golden red eyes and of course a red nose. Chances are if the eyes are blue, something else is in the blood line.

Question from ronoMarch2,2010,9:33pm
Question: hey mate love your dogs they look great i have a 6 month old red nose myself. just a quick question my mate has an american staffy and he is trying to tell me that they are the same breed just a different name.I dont agree but just wanted to here your thoughts on this. thanks mate.

Answer: They were the same breed back untill the 1930's and then the AKC refused Pit Bulls due to the fighting and grandfathered in the ones that had been showing at that time. Since then the Staffordshire's were bred to change their temperment and body style to make them different from the Pit Bull. They did not want to be associated with Pits due to their rejection by the AKC. Through time, they have acquired a different look and they say their temperments are different, but I love my Pits, they are all lovers and I can't imagine anything sweeter. The Staffordshire is bred for show, the Pit for agillity.

Question from dwhitMarch2,2010,4:47pm
Question: how old do the female dog have to be to breed ?

Answer: Hi Dwhit,

I like to wait till they are through at least two heat cycles, so about 18 months old to two years.

Question from elvieMarch2,2010,4:18am
Question: Would piercing a dogs ear be bad? bec im thingking about getting a pierce for my pitbull..

Answer: It would be like piercing your own ear. Just make sure you keep it doctored till it heals. I have never thought of doing that but it might be cool, send me a picture, some day.

Question from KareemMarch1,2010,6:09pm
Question: how did dixie die

Answer: We live on a farm out in the middle of no where and one night she went hunting rabbits with my Bassett Hound, and they got up by the road. They were together, and the girl who hit her said she was going to fast to slow down and though she saw them both, one on one side of the road and one on the other, she decided not to hit Toby. She never stopped to tell me, her cousin told my husband several months later. We use to let the dogs just run free on the farm but since Dixie, I have fenced about four acres around my yard for them to chase each other, it was my fault, for not keeping her up while I was gone. The pain of loosing Dixie, has taught me a great leason, I am just sorry I didn't learn it sooner.

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