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Question from tin tinFebruary28,2010,5:56am
Question: helo...! my pit pup is having trouble with his skin irritation.. how can i deal with it? what are the possible treatment for skin irritation for my 3 months pit pup. thnx a lot and more power.

Answer: Hi Tin Tin,
What does the skin irritation look like? Have you had a veterinarian look at it. When did the rash show up?

Question from SherriFebruary22,2010,7:15pm
Question: I posted this in the Guestbook too - sorry. I live in Fremont, California and have a 3-y/o female APBT whom we adopted in Dec. 2009. She's fully recovered from her spay surgery and I'm looking to adopt an adult (or young adult) friend for her and as a family pet. Do you ever have adult males ava

Answer: Sherri, there are a lot of Pit Bull rescue groups, that have wonderful Pits waiting for a loving home. The rescue group, will pair you up with a great adult dog, to befriend your female. I hope this helps Sherri.

Question from SherriFebruary22,2010,7:12pm
Question: Hello,
I live in Fremont, CA and have a three-year old APBT whom we adopted in Dec 2009. She's just recovered from her spay surgery and I'm looking for a male friend for her. Do you ever sell older males? If you do, please contact me - my e-mail is smillick@hotmail.com. Thank you.


Answer: Hi Sherri,

We seldom, have adult dogs to adopt out, because they are our babies. Have you thought of rescue groups. They make sure the dog will meet your needs and usually, they have a lot to choose from.

Question from C JohnsonFebruary20,2010,7:44am
Question: I have a red nosed pit puppy, he's 5 months 2wks and weighs close to about 27lbs. he's gained roughly 4lbs a month. Is that normal? Is he too heavy for his height? He's not fat, just lean. And about how tall should i expect for him to get( on all fours )?

Answer: Well everyone has an opinion on weight and height so I am going to give you the height I go by and that is no taller than 21 inches at the withers or shoulders. A good weight is no more than 65 lbs, though my Samson, tends to average about 70 pounds because he lives in the house with me, and I spoil him. This is just my opinion and others may not agree with me.

Question from lanceFebruary19,2010,2:34am
Question: hi again..i just have a follow up question..i asked my vet.the same question i asked here and the vet.said that i can give my pup a bath every other day.its because i am living in a tropical country and its already summer here and its getting very hot so to prevent dehydration the vet.recommended t

Answer: Well, I think you should always do what your veterinarian, recommends, they know best. My dogs love water and I keep a baby pool in their yard in the summer months so they can cool off. Thank you, Lance for letting me know, I appreciate it.

Question from Bryce BrownFebruary18,2010,7:18am
Question: Hey I'd first off like to say you have a wonderful Kennel and your dogs are amazing. I'm looking into buying a Pup sometime soon. I also have a Red Nose male at home now almost 6 months. Would it be better for me to get a Male or Female? I tend to lean toward females

Answer: Hello Bryce,

I have known of people who raise females together and I have known of those who raise two males together, but not me. Samson and Ehud, got along till Samson, got jealous one day of Ehud, sitting in my lap. Sadie, gets along with Della, as long as there isn't any food involved. If you have a male, I would recommend a female, opposites seem to do better together, the males seem to tolerate a dominate female better than a dominate male. It just makes life easier and you can enjoy your dogs more. Bryce, thank you, for your kind words, we love our dogs.

Question from lanceFebruary18,2010,4:56am
Question: how many times a week do i have to take my pup a bath?he's a 2months old pit...thank you for answering all of our questions..it helps us a lot about caring our pups..god bless

Answer: Hi Lance,

Well Lance, I don't bathe my dogs that much, unless they roll in cow mess. You see the oils in the dogs coat work best if the dog isn't shampooed that much. I do give my dogs that stay in the house a bath at least once a year. Pits have short coats so they are pretty good at staying clean. We showed Samson at a UKC show and didn't groom him at all do to time restrictions, Samson's coat looked shinny, but if you pet his coat your hand would be brown from the dirt. Samson, beat out a dog that was going for his Grand Championship. Johnny, thinks that story is funny, and wanted me to share it with you.
I hope this helped and Lance, God bless you too.

Question from juniorFebruary15,2010,5:44pm
Question: how often do you get chocolate red nose pitbulls? all of your dogs are beautiful by the way!!

Answer: Hi Junior, we usually have at least two in every litter. Thank you, we think they are beautiful as well.

Question from jeanFebruary13,2010,9:56pm
Question: hi.. my pit bull puppy is so very active.. do you think that it is ok to give some toys to bite it? what is the mostly characteristics of a one pit bull puppies.. thnx.. have a nice day..

Answer: Hi Jean, yes, Pits have so much energy and so they need a lot of exercise. You can give toys but be careful, if they start to get protective of their toys, you will have to take them away. Pit Bull, puppies, want to please their masters, so much so, they are usually very easy to train.

Question from michaelFebruary13,2010,9:51pm
Question: good afternoon.. i have a question about my 2 months old pit bull... what is the best food that i can give to my puppy? and how many times that i going to feed? thnx u so much and more power!

Answer: Hello Michael,

We use a great dry dog food, called Black Gold. It is hard to find but if you get on-line and look at their web site, you can find a dealer near you. We have also used Diamond dog food. Look for dog food, that has meat or chicken as their first ingredient and it should serve you well. We feed puppies twice a day or allow them to have food in a pan all day, usually active puppies, will burn their food off quickly.

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