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Question from juniorFebruary13,2010,12:53pm
Question: i have a question about the sadie/cherokee red breeding what do you mean by?....schedule includes a "Breeders Only", breeding of Sadie/Cherokee Red!....do you mean your only gonna breed them to people who only breed dogs or is it the breedin thats gonna be goin on this year?and how often do you get

Answer: Hi Junior,

I called it a breeders only, because Cherokee Red and Sadie, are strictly OFRN and if someone is looking for some puppies rich in Hemphill/Wilder bloodlines for their breeding program, this would be the breeding they would be interested in.

Question from MACFebruary9,2010,4:53am
Question: My wife and I are looking into getting a new pit i was wondering do you know when you'll have pups this year and about how much do they go for?

Answer: Hello, Mac, we will be breeding this summer, Samson and Sadie. The puppies go for $1,000.00. Thank you, for your interest in our dogs.

Question from chynnaFebruary4,2010,4:10pm
Question: do male and females fight badly befor mating them

Answer: Hello, Chynna, yes, yes, males and females fight some, before mating, in some cases. We have to muzzle some of our females during the process, to keep them from hurting the males.

Question from HawaiiFebruary4,2010,10:10am
Question: Aloha AJ's,
I have a red nose pit named 'HERCULES'that will make 13 years old March 2. He has been the best family member and protector we ever had. Recently he has been moving alot slower and has not been eating as usual.is this a sign of old age? What is the life expectency of this great breed?

Answer: Aloha, Hercules, sounds like a wonderful family member. 13 years is a long time for a dog but I have heard of 16 yr old pits. Though, with age a dog may move slower, if his eating habits have changed you might want to have your veterinarian look at him. You may have to change his food or give him a baby aspirin, from time to time to deal with stiff joints.

Question from bjFebruary1,2010,6:11pm
Question: do sell the pitbulls

Answer: We do sell puppies, from time to time about once a year.

Question from bjFebruary1,2010,6:05pm
Question: here are you

Answer: We are located in Georgia.

Question from derronFebruary1,2010,12:12pm
Question: do they have good memory

Answer: Pits are very smart if that is what you are asking.

Question from MistyJanuary30,2010,1:58pm
Question: The vet says she obviously has pitbull in her but he thinks she might be part shar pei. Her parents were both over 100 pounds though, so we were just assuming that she had extra skin to grow into. Is it normal for pitbulls to weight that much? I will check with the owner about the documentations. T

Answer: Well now Misty, that's a strange and different mix, I'd like to see how she turns out. 100 lbs is rather large for a Pit Bull. Pits, don't have that much extra skin but then again, I am not sure how much we are talking about.

Question from chewJanuary27,2010,7:02am
Question: how long do they hav there menstrual

Answer: Hello Chew, it last 28 days.

Question from Sierra MillsJanuary18,2010,2:17pm
Question: We have a red nose pit that will turn a year one in April. Is it too late to get her ears cut? If not where do you get ours done?

Answer: Sierra, hi sweetheart, how are you? Check with your veterinarian. We use Bowdon Animal Clinic. Take care, Sierra, and God bless.

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