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Question from AnthonyJanuary18,2010,4:38am
Question: I have a 20 week old pit bull, and I was wondering how I could go about training her not to bite? I do not believe in hitting my dog, so I was curious as to what to do because no just does not seem to be working. Thanks.

Answer: Hi Anthony, well all pups like to bite and usually grow out of it, but it is sure painful, until they loose all their puppy teeth. I don't hit my dogs either, I know this might sound, silly but try it, hollar, like another puppy would when she bites and turn away from her, stop playing till she settles down. When they play to rough with their litter mates, the puppy will hollar and jump and bite the puppy who plays to hard, to let them know they hurt them.

Question from MistyJanuary17,2010,8:00am
Question: Hello. I got a pit bull puppy from a guy in my town. He said that she was a full breed, but he just never took the time to get the papers for his dogs. So I have two questions if you do not mind. Is there any way to determine if she is a full breed without the papers? And the vet says that she has

Answer: Misty, what does your vet say? Pits are very distinct looking dogs, you can tell a pit bull. You can always file the papers, so ask the gentleman you got her from, if he still has the documents to file, and you can have DNA testing done, to find out about your dog.

Question from ivan diodonetJanuary5,2010,2:04pm
Question: what does red patches in rednose mouth means

Answer: Ivan, I don't know and not being there to actually see the patches it is hard for me to give an answer, maybe someone who knows will advise us, and I will pass the answer on. Have you thought of showing it to your veterinarian?

Question from NoonJanuary4,2010,2:37pm
Question: I have a brindle 2year female she's a outdoor/indoor pet and recently she's been going outside and coming back in with feces on her body i caught her yesterday rolling around in it. Is that normal?

Answer: No Noon, I haven't heard of that one before, not rolling in their own feces. I know my dogs love to roll in the cows patties out in the pasture and that gets old, cause they smell awful after a good roll in fresh manure. Of course a good bath cures the smell.

Question from JamesJanuary1,2010,1:01pm
Question: My seven year old rednose is the love of my life. She's the most affectionate and intelligent dog I have ever owned. I'm suspicious , however, that her hearing may be compromised.Just how good is a pit's hearing? Is it possible she has selective hearing? How would a pit's hearing compare to anot

Answer: Hi James,selective hearing, well that is a possibility, I know that Sadie, won't listen to me at all half the time. My Della, loves to please me so she answers every time I call. I would check with my veterinarian, if it bothers you but first pay more attention to the times when you think your dog can't hear you. Is she just ignoring you or is there a real problem, test her with treats. As far as one breed not hearing as well as another breed, I don't believe the breed has anything to do with it, some dogs can be very stubborn. Sounds like you got a great dog and if she is always trying to please you, she may have an issue with hearing loss, that can be an underlying problem with her ears. I would take her to my vet, to check her ears.

Question from chelseaGraceDecember27,2009,3:09pm
Question: I have to pitbulls my femeal shelby is a rednose and my meal is mixed with red and gatter But my ? is how do u get pit's to get along with the other? If you haved saved them for being put to sleep because they where used in dog fighting.
All I wont is to walk 5 pits at the same time because I wont

Answer: Hello Chelsea Grace, let me just say thank you for rescuing the pits but sometimes too many pits is not a good thing, if you are not properly set up to take care of them all. You have to be strong and assertive, always being the pack leader. Dogs that have been faught may have some issues with other dogs because they are afraid or are trained to attack other dogs. Never face off your dogs and spend time with your dogs, individually if you can. Please be careful Chelsea, I can tell you love the dogs, but walking five pits that have been previous fighters may be asking for trouble.

Question from jasonDecember26,2009,8:05pm
Question: fanx...she in heat 4 days now but she doesnt let him and also she gets aggressive is that normal? they both full grown but my male is twice of her size i have a big male they 2 different typ of pitbulls..i really want to breed them ..fank u

Answer: Hi Jason, she won't take him until at least seven days into her heat cycle. Yes, they can be very aggressive towards each other, mostly on the females part.

Question from jasonDecember22,2009,7:09pm
Question: if a female comes to season how many days after that is she ready for breeding fank u very much

Answer: Hi Jason, usually a female is in her heat cycle for 28 days. She is more likely to accept the male after seven to ten days after she starts her cycle, she will stay like that usually for 14 days. But I believe a female can get pregnant any time during that 28 days. Keep any other males away from your female after you have bred her, because a female can still and will take another male after she has been bred, during that 28 day cycle.

Question from aliDecember21,2009,2:14pm
Question: hi u have beatifull dogs..i have a male which will b 2 yers old next month i have never breed him b4 and he looks exactly like samson he is very uniq looking dog in here he is chocolate and i was told from the breeder he is californian pit..whats the difference between these pits and other pits az

Answer: Hi Ali, I really don't have enough information, from you to understand what type of Pit you are talking about. Do you have papers on him, if you do could you tell me some names that are in his 5th and 6th generation and I may be able to help you. I don't know what a California Pit is, unless someone is coming up with something new. I love Samson's look, he is just a big bear. He is more UKC structured for conformation, than an ADBA acceptable build.

Question from bryanDecember17,2009,11:04am
Question: i have a 9 month old female rednose/americanpitbull terrier mix. i just now got another full breed female rednose she is ten weeks. will the two female pitbulls grown to love eachother?

Answer: Bryan, I would not leave two females of most terrier breeds alone together, especially Pit Bulls. They may get along as puppies but usually females are a little more tempermental as they get older. All I can suggest to you, is never leave them alone together and watch them closely, especially be carefull with treats and toys.

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