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Question from trevor blackDecember13,2009,12:14am
Question: wats wrong if a girl dog is in full heat and the boy will not breed 2 her

Answer: How old is the boy dog? Sometimes the male isn't old enough. A male dog knows when a female is ready, or receptive of the males intentions, so maybe your female is dominant and not ready to give in yet. How long has she been in heat? They are in heat usually 28 days and it takes at least 7 to 10 days before they will start to be interested in the male. I've only known one dog that wouldn't breed a female, it was a friend's Boxer. I would take your male to the veterinarian, for an examination, if the problem continues.

Question from cubbieDecember10,2009,7:07pm
Question: Hi i have 2 good looking pits myself. I have a brindle and a black breeder pair. i just fought the courts in my town to keep them. i rescued them both from death. but i didnt have a question. a lot of people ask what is a good food to feed their pit. we feed ours pride its not expensive and it will

Answer: Hi Cubbie,

I am glad you got to keep your dogs. And thank you for resucing Pits. In most areas, the animal control will kill a Pit Bull, if they pick one up off the streets. Thank you, for mentioning your dog food of choice. Pride. There are a lot of good dog foods out there, it just depends what you are use to. Rachel Ray, makes good dog treats and you can find them at Wal-Mart etc., plus the money from the sale helps to rescue dogs. Thank you, once again, Cubbie, I appreicate people like you so much.

Question from frankDecember9,2009,5:26pm
Question: thanx....how about a male dog . ar what age are they ready to breed?

Answer: Hi Frank, again. I know males are ready usually around a year old but some people say you should wait, till they are at least two years old. I know Samson, just wanted to play with the females when he was eleven months old but when he was a year old, all that changed.

Question from ArwinDecember9,2009,11:30am
Question: how long does it take for your dog to go in its first heat

Answer: Hello Arwin, usually any time after a female is six months old she can go into heat but I have noticed with my dogs, they were between 9-12 months old.

Question from ronoDecember6,2009,3:06pm
Question: how ya goin mate im from australia where pitbulls are banned which i think is ridiculous our pitbull is the most loving dog we have ever owned the question i wanted to ask you is what can i feed him to make stockier his 4months old i exercise him every day and feed him all right puppy food?

Answer: Hi Rono, how's it going in Australia? Pit Bulls, have a bad rap,do to bad owners. All breeds, can bite, all breeds can attack other dogs. Owners don't always understand the responsiblity involved in owning a dog and when the puppy gets bothersome, they get lazy and get rid of the problem or neglect it. I don't know if Bill Jack frozen dog food is availible in your super markets, but it is a great dog food for adding bulk, it is filled with a lot of nutrients. But don't keep your dog on this food as it is very rich, find a good dry dog food that has meat or chicken as its first ingredient and always supply fresh water.

Question from Maria lopezDecember6,2009,10:31am
Question: I recently took in a baby pit bull that was found in a trash bag in a dumpster along with 6 others. She's really skinny and u can somewhat see her ribs. She's a month an a week old....what should I be feeding her and how often should she eat a day? Not sure is she's a red nose or blue nose pit....

Answer: Oh, Maria, thank you, so much, from the bottom of my heart, I can't understand the cruelty of some people. You will be blessed for your kindness to this puppy, with years of returned love. Feeding her a good dog food, maybe softened with a little warm water. Look at the feeding requirements on the dog food bag for the amounts to feed the puppy. Supply fresh water when she eats and just a well balanced dog food should get her started on the road to good health. Have you had her checked by your veterinairian? She probably needs her shots, especially for Parvo. Bless you, Maria.

Question from adrianDecember5,2009,12:18pm
Question: do u do stud fees, if so how much for Ehud

Answer: Everybody, loves Ehud. He is a beauty. Anyway, yes we stud out Ehud, at $500.

Question from frankDecember5,2009,7:55am
Question: hi you have really nise dogs i am really impressed ..i just wanted to know at what age the dogs are ready to breed..
thank you

Answer: Hi Frank, thank you, for your comments concerning our dogs. Frank, I like to wait till after their third heat. So sometimes that works out to be at 18 months or 24 months, depending upon, the date of their first heat. We have bred a dog at just over a year old, but it is better and this is just personal opinion, to wait till the female is full grown.

Question from Gilberto AlvarezDecember4,2009,3:24pm
Question: What should i use to get the best lookin coat on my red?

Answer: Hello Gilberto,

We use Black Gold dog food,it is the best we have found and the dogs love it. We show our dogs and their coats are so shinny, we don't need any sho sheen for their coats to look shinny in the ring. Get on the internet and look up Black Gold dog food, to find a dealer closest to you. We us a mix of the Black and Blue bag for our dogs.

Question from Gilbert AlvarezDecember4,2009,3:22pm
Question: What diet do you recommend for optimal size of my rednose "boobieman".He looks pretty healthy but still has lots of loose skin.He will be three in march of 2010.

Answer: Hi Gilbert,

If you want to add weight quick, there is a very expensive frozen food that can be found in some local super markets, in their frozen food isle, it is called Bill Jack. If you want to pump a dog up that dog food is the best, but don't keep your dog on that food because it is very rich. I use Black Gold dog food, and my dogs love it. Get on the internet to find a farm store that carries it closest to you. We use a mix of the Black and Blue bags of Black Gold. It is a great dog food.

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