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Question from juan gonzalesDecember4,2009,6:59am
Question: what is the cheapeast you will go for a pup

Answer: Hi Juan, we have gone up on the price of our puppies this year, due to rising cost and a sinking economy. The lowest I would go is $800., and that would be for the last puppies in the litter, and does not include shipping cost. Thank you, for your interest in our dogs.

Question from ginaNovember29,2009,12:14am
Question: if there so caring...even if raised by good people; why do they still attack there owner?...dont get me wrong i "love" dogs they look beautiful, well groomed, and great pets that can be apart of the family, but looks can be deceiving..

Answer: Hi Gina, my question to you, have you ever owned a Pit Bull? For the most part people make dogs bad and any breed can be agressive. I do admit, that some dogs can just not be bred well and the dog can just be mean but that is rare and as I said earlier, if a dog is agressive it is usually 99.9% the fault of a human, not taking control. Sometimes people spoil and love their dogs like they would a person and the dog becomes a problem because the person, is not the pack leader, you must always set boundaries for your pets as well and people. I am sorry if you have been hurt by a Pit but that doesn't mean all Pits are bad. I was bit by a Beagle once, that doesn't mean all Beagles are bad. God bless you, Gina, but please don't judge all by one bad experience.

Question from aliNovember22,2009,9:52am
Question: hi there ....what i really want to know is till what age a big male will be fully grown ..i mean body and head if u could let me know then i would really b greatfull
thanx ali

Answer: Hi Ali, a puppy grows as tall as he is going to get in his first year. Then his/her lanky look starts to change and by the time he is two years old, they will have filled out and by the time they are three years old they will be fully grown, this includes their head size. It is important to feed them a well balanced puppy food, to support healthy bone and muscle growth.

Question from MarNovember21,2009,6:37pm
Question: I am super impressed with your dogs. I love that you are keeping the tradition alive with the OFRN.
I have personally never owned one. But after reading your story about 'Dixie' (still wiping up tears) I've decided to get in contact with you personally and find out more about your Sadie/Cherokee

Answer: Thank you, for your interest in our dogs. They are everything and more, than you can see on our web site. If you have never owned one, you are in for a treat. We look forward to hearing from you.

Question from TonyNovember10,2009,4:50pm
Question: Just wanted to say that you have some of the best APBT I have ever seen. I may get a pup from the upcoming breeding. Keep up the good work!


Answer: Thank you Tony, we appreciate your comment about our dogs, we think they are special and pretty great looking as well.

Question from nikkiNovember8,2009,6:15pm
Question: how often do they go into heat

Answer: Females, usually go through a heat cycle every six months.

Question from hasanNovember8,2009,4:22pm
Question: hi there, i was wondering if yu would ship a pupie internationly in sydney? australia? if you do, would u please ask how much is the total price for a pupie with including the shipping fees and extra payments for a pupie to be looked afta whilegoing on sail, if not shipping, would you able to do a

Answer: I suggest you find out if there is a ban against owning a Pit Bull, in your area, I know there are areas in Australia, that ban Pits. Then you need to find out what are the restrictions for bringing in live animals into your country. It is better on the puppy if you can carry the puppy as carry on luggage, you might consider coming to the U S, to pick a puppy up in person, then flying home with him/her.

Question from michaelOctober26,2009,8:03am
Question: is a jeep and bulletin pitbull good

Answer: I believe, a dog is as good as the owner makes it to be. Of course there are some dogs, that have a desire to please more than others and some dogs are just hard headed.

Question from tolu dadaOctober17,2009,9:26am
Question: What's the cost of your pup?

Answer: The cost of our puppies, is $1,000.00.

Question from TimOctober15,2009,12:05am
Question: How would i find the pedigree of my rednose?

Answer: There is a web site you can join for a small fee,
to find out about your Pit Bulls pedigree.

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