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Red and Della Litter 2011


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Female Owned by Robyn.

Hi Alexa, We are all doing great! And Kioni is the most amazing dog. We are so in love with her. She's still a baby& has started chewing now that she's with us. We've lost quite a few pairs of shoes. But she's just like one of the kids. She gets in trouble but you can't help but love her. She's still so loving& gives kisses all day long. If she sees affection being displayed with anyone she has to get right in the middle& give hers. She's doing so well with being in her crate. We only crate her when we leave the house. We leave the tv on for her, it helps. But she doesn't cry anymore. :). She doesn't like change& will rebel a little. Larry just returned to work last week & she didn't like that. Like I said she's just like a kid but she knows when she's done wrong.

Here are a few pictures, I will definitely send more as she grows.

Thank you again for everything,


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