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Letter from Nicole about her pit bull Isis (seen above):

I want to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be part of Isis 's life.  She is such a blessing to have; I can't imagine what I would do without her.  She is so well behaved and loving, everyone falls in love with her from the moment they meet her.  On top of her personality she is so beautiful people can't help but stop us to say hi.  I take her everywhere with me, so she is always around people.  We pretty much spend 24hrs a day together, so she is my baby and acts just like one too. 

Her morning routine is hilarious.  We usually wake up around 8, and once she is up, she is ready to go.  If I don't walk her when she is ready, she will sit at the door and whine. Her first bathroom trip is out back, but she will only go if I walk out there with her.  We go out for our first walk around 10, which is always a breeze.  She has her favorite lot of grass, which is the house at the end of my road (10 minute walk).  Every time we make it there, she sticks her nose in the ground and flips herself over, head first, and rolls from side to side, as if to say, "I'm done, this is where I chill out".   Even if she isn't tired, she still stops at the house and rolls on the grass for a few minutes.   I have no idea what she loves about the grass, but it is so funny.  At night we walk for about an hour, which she loves.  I never have an issue with excessive pulling.  I let her walk ahead, but if she pulls, I can say "slow down" or "stop" and she does it.  If she acts up, I take away the slack and she straightens up.  I never have to yell or feel as if I don't have control.  She listens to everything I say and always obeys.  

I take her to the dog park on Saturday's and Sunday's, now that my work and school schedule picked up.  If the weather permits, we head to the beach or the dog lake.  Wherever we go, I usually try to stay for about 3 hours.  It takes a lot to get all the energy out of her.  I take her dog pool with us when we go to the dog park.  She loves the water so much she entertains everyone with her spins and flips.  She gets so many other dogs in the water, after their owners swear up and down their dog hates water.  She shows dogs that water is fun and shows their owners that there is no such thing as a dog hating water, just an owner not knowing how to introduce the water to their dog.  There was even a dog who was scared of everything.  Our little girl kept playing with him, until she got his little tail wagging high in the air.  At the end of the day he was a changed dog.  I was so proud of her I called her my little Caesar (The Dog Whisper).  I pray we will have an opportunity meet him one day.  I know he will fall in love with her. 

Night time is the funniest.  She sleeps all day while I work, so at night she is a little ball of energy.  From 9pm to about 11pm, she is at her peak.  She starts by bringing me every toy she has and puts it on my lap.  If I don't respond, she starts pushing my foot with her nose.  After about 10 minutes, she gives up and goes with plan B.  Plan B usually includes entertaining herself, which she does very well.  She runs around the house, usually with one of her toys in her mouth.  As she gets tired, she puts the blanket in her mouth and drags it all over house.   When she is bored with that, she chases her tail for about 20 minutes.  She will lie on the ground with her legs sticking up in the air and spin in a circle chasing her tail.  If she doesn't catch it fast enough, she starts growling at it.  Not in a mean way, but this playful growl that is so funny.  After about an hour or so, she plumps herself on the ground and passes out. 

Since I am usually up late, she falls asleep before I am ready to head to bed.  If I am watching a move with a lot of noise that is disturbing to her, she will wake up, sigh, and look at me as if to say "turn down the TV please".  After waking up a few times, realizing that the noise just wont go away, she gets up and leaves the room and goes to her bed in the bedroom.  If she is lying on the couch with me, which she is doing right now, she likes me to sit still.  Right now since I am typing, she has gotten off the couch 3 times.  But she likes being next to me, so she comes back after a few minutes.  I only let her on the couch after she takes a bath, this way she doesn't think the couch is an every day thing.  If she wants up, she looks at the couch and looks at me and waits for me to say 'ok' before jumping up.  Same thing with my bed.  I let her sleep with me every once in a while, but she knows the bed is not something she can hang out on.  She is actually not a big bed dog.  Most times, she jumps off the bed after an hour and goes to sleep on her bed. 

Her favorite spot in the house is the front door, so I put a blanket and pillow there, so she is comfy when she lies down.  We only use blankets now (5 of them spread around the house) because she destroyed her bed.  I think she peed on it one day and before I could realize it happened and wash it, she decided to take it apart.  I plan to get her a new bed for her birthday, but not before then.  Hopefully she will keep the new one longer than 2 months.  (By the way. she is off the couch again..hahaha)

She is in love with Jerry (the guy with me when I picked her up).  From the minute she hears his car outside, she goes crazy.  The hours she spent sitting by his feet during our trip home, has left her addicted to his feet.  She can play with his feet the entire time he is here and he doesn't even have to participate in the activity.  She pushes it, sits on it, bites his shoes, and knocks it around with her butt.  Poor thing, I feel sorry for him sometimes, because she does not leave him alone.  From the minute he walks in, she is right there next to him.  If he doesn't play with her, she will lay down on his feet.  And if he dares move his feet, she readjusts herself so she is right back on them again.  We tried testing her one day, so I let her out back before he arrived, so she didn't know he was in the house, the minute she walked in, her nose went up in the air and a big smile came over her face and she took off running straight for him.  Almost knocking him over.LOL.  He is actually the only person she plays with like that.  Most people get the catch me if you can play.  Even my boyfriend has to spend the first 30 minutes convincing her to come and say hi.  She just runs up to him and then runs back to me and goes back and forth for about 15 minutes.  She isn't scared of him or anyone else, but just shy around people.  (She spends way too much time with her mama)  Once they leave her alone, she creeps up on them until she is comfortable enough to let them touch her.  Just like a little kid.  Shy at first, but once they get going they just don't stop. 

I still plan to make her a show dog and I hope to get her in a few magazines, if I can.  I think my girl is beautiful, in personality and looks, so it will be a wonderful blessing if I have the opportunity to share her with the world.  Once my schedule clears up a little, we will be back to our conformation classes.  Our first class didn't so well (2 months ago).  I think neither of us was prepared for the toughness of the teacher.  And at that time I did not have 100% control over her, so we were yelled at a lot.  But it's ok, we bounced back.  And now when we go, the teacher will be very impressed with the progress we have made.  (By the way. she is back on the couch again...hahaha)  I look forward to the day I get to send you guys an email stating she has won her first show.  I will be the happiest doggie mama in the world.  I think all my professionalism will go out the door, because I will drop right to the floor and give her all kinds of love.  I have no doubt she will win because she is so obedient.  Once I am ready to start focusing on the training, she will pick up everything very quickly.  Plus, I use hotdogs to train her and you should see how happy she gets when she sees the hotdogs.  She will do just about anything to get her hotdog. 

Well, it is a little after midnight now so I am going to wind down and head to bed.  I hope you guys enjoyed the stories and I will send some more updates as soon as I get a chance.  Enjoy the pictures.  Many more to come.
Love Nicole and Isis
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