AJ's Reds



Red, Red Nose American Pit Bull Terrier

65 pounds

21 Inches Tall

Birth Date: 11/18/2006

Ehud is out of Samson and Dixie

Dual registered with both the
UKC and the ADBA

Ehud, weighs 65 pounds, at one year and probably will not get much taller but should fill out more across his chest.  Ehud, is like his daddy Samson and has so much smarts. He has oodles of personality and loves people, he has yet to meet a stranger. Ehud is a solid red/red nose, and has his Aunt Sadie's coloring, as a matter of fact, Johnny and I find ourselves calling Ehud, Sadie, a lot because they look so much a like.  Ehud, is friendly with the dogs in our pack, but doesn't like other dogs or cats. Ehud, is so athletic and basically just loves to play.  I never thought that I'd have another dog like Samson, but I got to tell you, this dog has a desire to please, that is amazing, a trait passed through the genes.  Samson's son is just like him.
Pictures of Ehud
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