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Samson and Ginger Litter 2011


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Male Owned by Marcus Watkins

I knew Disco was a member of the family when @ 3 months he bit a hole in the leather couch and she blamed my son for not watching him. She loved her living room set, but not as much as Disco. He is extremely intelligent and athletic; he can jump a 6 foot fence with no problem. He gets along with other dogs, but is all pit bull. He has innate ability to distinguish friends from strangers and often I believe he is a better judge of character than I am. I haven't registered him but it has become important to my son he have papers and DNA testing. I hope you and your family is well and thank you for selling us such a great animal.

I took the pictures with my iPhone and they don't do his coat justice. He has an exotic look. His summer coat is a rich, shiny mahogany.

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