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Samson and Sadie Litter from 2009


Female Owned by Nicole Rodriguez, of Florida.

The training is great. It turns out that I gave her many bad habits, but we are working on breaking them. She understands how to properly walk on the leash (with her head up 90% of the time), sit, stay, come and move over (I use that one for the car, because she is always in my seat).

I plan to seriously pursue putting her in shows, so I am doing everything by the book. She will thank me later… LOL

Keeping her clean is a big challenge and I am 100% to blame. Right now she is outside in the rain (drizzle), playing in the holes, now puddles, she so nicely created for herself. You would think the rain would make her run back in, but noooo, not Isis, she thinks the rain is fun. I guess I started it when I let her run around the sprinkler, so now the water drops are fun.

We go to the dog park daily. It is the only way to get all of that energy out of her. From 10am she is sitting at the door waiting for us to go. I use to think she needed to use the bathroom, but after three or four bathroom trips, I finally figured it out.

She is great at the park, no longer shy little Isis. She is jumping on everyone (I am working to stop that) and initiates play with other dogs. I call her the little leader, because if there is a puddle of mud, or doggie pool, Isis is the first one in and all of the other dogs are right behind her. Poor dogs, I am sure their owners are not as understanding with the dirt as I am. It doesn’t really bother me. She is a dog, so if a puddle of mud makes her happy, then I say go for it. She is very obedient when it is time for clean-up, so I never have an issue getting her back to the house.

She got her first doggie ding today, when a big Doberman did not feel like entertaining her playful kisses and decided to snap at her. Well, she learned fast to leave him alone. She let him be for about 30 minutes, then tried to kiss him again, but was a little less playful with her approach. It worked she broke him down and got her kiss then trotted on to the next dog. Sooo cute.

Well the time it took to write this, she has passed out, so I think I will get a bite to eat before the fun starts again.

Enjoy the new pics.


Male Owned by Dan Smetana.

Here are the pics of Caden that I promised. I took these pictures over the 4th of July weekend. Caden is 5 months (21 weeks) old in the pics, but I’m sure you know that. He is a little over 30lbs and growing everyday! He is so smart, I have been blessed in life with very intelligent dogs, but to be honest, I truly feel that Caden has them all beat. He is so easy to train and he loves to please us at every opportunity. He knew how to sit and to lie down before he was 4 months old, and he has learned how to stay until I release him before he hit the 5 month mark. I had him at the Vet’s last week and the tech brought him back to me in the waiting room and couldn’t stop complimenting him. She asked me if I take him to obedience school, and was very complimentary to me when I told her that he is home schooled by me, myself and I. I told her it’s easy when you have such an attentive and intelligent student.

Caden is stealing hearts and changing minds almost everyday. He has converted many APBT haters into OFRN lovers. People that aren’t educated in the truth about these dogs are usually very hesitant with him at first, but he breaks down their barriers in no time flat. I have yet to introduce him to someone that walks away not liking him. He dispels all the myths that our media outlets love to create, and he is a true ambassador to our superior breed and most of all the exceptional strain that the OFRN is. He has made many canine friends as well, these range from Labradors to Dobermans, but his favorite is a little brindle one year old APBT down the street, he has really taken to her. I’m not sure why, but maybe he can sense that she is a different from the rest of the dogs he has met. We joke and call her Caden’s little girlfriend. He has made friends with adults of all ages, dogs of all breeds, but I think most of all he has developed a real soft spot for children. He can’t get enough of all the kids he comes into contact with. My niece wakes up every morning and asks for Caden, this is funny to us because she has her own dog, but asks for Caden. She doesn’t see Caden all that often, but he did leave quite an impression on her. Where ever the kids are is where he wants to be, he wants to play with them all day long. It’s easy to see why the APBT was known as the “Nursemaid Dog” when you watch our boy play with kids.

I could go on and on about him, he is the light of our life. My wife and I are in love with him, and he is with us. My parents can’t get enough of him either, he puts a smile on their faces as soon as they hear his name. People stop to compliment him every time I take him out of the house. I often get asked if he is a rescue. I have rethought my response to this question. I began telling people that he is not a rescue, but I now tell people that they all are. The numbers are so stacked against our breed that any APBT I have the privilege and honor of owning is a rescue because I keep him out of the hands of the evil doer. People tried to make me feel a little guilty for buying Caden when so many are sitting in jail waiting for a home, but the truth is that you and Johnny are the best people I have met in the APBT circles, and I support your effort to keep our wonderful and legendary strain pure. The truth is that any good owner of an APBT is rescuing their dog; all happy APBT’s are recued, Caden just came from great stock and a loving home. I couldn’t be happier or more proud of our boy, he is everything a true OFRN should be, he is intelligent, determined, athletic, obedient, comical, loving, he has a tremendous prey drive, and he is the most handsome dog I have ever seen…….I maybe a little biased, but …..he is a quite a looker. Anyhow, I could go on forever about him, he really is that special. I want to thank you Alexa, and Johnny for everything, I met you guys at a painful time in my life, and because of you guys, I have Caden, and he has made everything right. I needed him as much as he needed me. We make quite a pair. Thank you for everything, and I’m glad we are keeping in touch. After all, we kind of are family now……lol.


Dan Smetana

P.S. Caden loved watching the fireworks on the 4th from his boat, he has officially claimed it as his boat now, and he absolutely loves cruising on the Hudson River.


Female Owned by Ross and Anya Cherico of North Carolina.
Ivy is 6 months old and she weighs 42.5 lbs. She is a very energetic and active. She loves chasing a laser on a football field. She runs around for a solid 20 minutes without any rest.

Ivy is the swimmer. We took her to the lake house for the first time in her life and she loved the water. She likes playing with a ball in the water and seems to be fine being in the water by herself when everybody is on the deck chilling.

Ivy likes to hang from a rope toy. She makes crazy sounds when she pulls the rope.

Ivy is smart. She knows our personalities. In the morning when my husband opens the crate to take her outside Ivy is like a foot soldier with him. She does everything he asks of her. If I open the crate Ivy becomes “the little diva”. She stretches her front paws telling me to touch her. Then she flips on her back so I can rub her belly. And only then, after I do all these “special morning things”, Ivy agrees to leave her crate and go with me outside.

Ivy follows us around the house and when my husband fills up the car with fuel pays full attention to his every move outside of the car. Ivy is VERY observant and tries to attack any flying bugs including flies.


Female Owned by Jonathan McDaniel.
Here are some pics of Sky that Female I purchased off of you. Figured you could put them on your produced page. She is doing very well and getting along with all my other dogs. She is very calm well thank you so much. She will bring a lot to my kennel when she gets older can't wait to she how she turns out.
Jonathan McDaniel


Male Owned by Heidi Lathrop.
Cecil is doing great!  He is a little lover, the other dogs get a little tired of all his energy but they all love each other.  He has gone up to camp with us a lot this summer.  He likes to go into the water but does not like to go above his head!  He also suckered us into letting him sleep on the bed with us.  How are all the other pups doing?  I hope all is well with you and your husband!

Stay in touch.

Heidi Lathrop


Female Owned by Katie and Paul Freeman and Family, in Texas.
Ruby has such a good temperament and we love her dearly. She loves to play ball and chase lightning bugs in the backyard. Ruby absolutely loves to be in the water, I think she thinks she is a fish to say the least…she loves to ride on the boat in the summer! My kids have never attached to another dog like they have with Ruby. Ruby is very smart and has become such a huge part of our family. She loves to ride in the jeep, sitting between the kids in the backseat. We get so many compliments on her, she is such a beauty! When she can she will always try to sleep in the bed with either Paul and I or one of the kids. She does not mind being crated either, she knows when to "go lay down" when we run to town or what not....she has however lost her priveledge to have any type of pillow or blanket in the crate, she tears them to shreds!! Ruby is so laid back, we could not have asked for a better dog. She follows me everywhere and always is at my feet in the kitchen.
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